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The Educating Angels Foundation was created in the memory of Suzanne Mazzola, who tragically lost her life on February 2, 2015, while giving birth to her beautiful son Owen.  Suzanne left behind her husband Joe and her 4 young children.


Suzanne dedicated her life to helping children with special needs, and this foundation in turn will help these children as well.  Unfortunately, Autism Spectrum Disorder affects 1 in 68 children, and several of these kids are isolated, bullied and treated as though they are lesser-than simply because they are different.  Children who are born with physical or mental disabilities do not choose to be born that way, and they definitely don't deserve to be isolated or mistreated because of their differences.  


It is the intent of this foundation to help educate society about Autism and other disabilities--teachers, children, parents--in order to create a more accepting and less discriminating environment for families who are left isolated during their struggles.  If the population as a whole becomes more aware and mindful, these children with disabilities can be helped with love, compassion an understanding instead of hurt with hate.  



Educating Angels Foundation Board of Directors:

Isabel Romero Villicana, MS, DMD (President)

Grace Duran, MSed (Vice President)

Dora Romero, MSEd

Natalia Perez, MS



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